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Different Kinds Of Toy Packaging

The type of packaging used in a toy is determined after taking many factors into account. The type and size of the toy are the most important. The same packaging can not be used for all toys. Some toys need to be packed in a certain way to keep them safe. The purpose of the packaging also determines the type of material to be used. For toys that are to be gifted, the packaging needs to be attractive and eye-catching. Colourful packing materials should be used in this case. Kids are especially attracted to red and green packing sheets. 


Plastic sheets can be used for the purpose. They come in many different colours and types. The quality available also varies. Packing sheets are eighteen sold by weight or by area. A square foot of packing material costs as much as two dollars. Most packing materials are available at stationery shops and bookstores. They are often purchased in conjunction with school supplies. They are often purchased by children who go to school and require the packing material to pack their toys either for safekeeping or to gift them. Wrapping toys properly helps increase their life. This prevents then from. Scratches and also reduces the impact in case of a fall. 


A popular packaging products used to reduce the impact and damage in a fall is bubble wrap. A bubble wrap sheet is made of plastic. It is very cheap and can be easily obtained. It has many small bobbles along its surface that help break the impact of the fall in case the item is thrown to the ground accidentally. The sheet is wrapped around the object or toy and is taped later on. The tape keeps the sheet in place and allows coverage in all sides. The most commonly used tape for this purpose is scotch tape. ScotchScotch tape is transparent and does not cost too much. It is also easy to remove. It can simply be pulled off or it can also be cut from the wrapping material. 


Another commercial toy packaging design item is cardboard and styrofoam. Styrofoam is usually used as the outer packaging material of toys. It is not restricted to toys and us also used to pack fragile items. Fragile items like glasses and cutler’s is often packed using the material. The outer case of toys is designed in such a way that it can be covered with styrofoam covers. The cover absorbs the shock an object faces when it falls to the ground and helps prevent breakage. This is especially helpful when transportating goods from one place to another. Cardboard serves a similar purpose by acting as an external insulator and absorbing the impact of the fall. In some cases, more than one layers of cardboard are used. \"toy-packs\"